Brian Littler m. 402.490.5298 o. 402.915.3625 e.

Brian Littler
m. 402.490.5298
o. 402.915.3625

Brian's energy and passion for real estate sales, leasing and development spring from his diverse personal and professional background. His broad skill set has lead him to success in multiple industries over his 20+ years of executive level experience. He began his career in the trenches of marketing and has carried those hard won lessons forward throughout his endeavors as he has consulted individuals and companies on dealflow, visioning and value add stratagems. Brian's hands-on approach to understanding his client's interests and needs has earned him praise as a true consensus builder and consummate deal maker.

We hope you will reach out to Brian as you may wish or your needs may dictate (even if it's just for coffee!) as he continues to innovate and help drive markets in Omaha and beyond.

Brian Litter is a licensed realtor in Nebraska and may be reached for general brokerage inquiries at The Good Life Group (@Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate) or per above as you may wish! 

• BSBA, University Of Nebraska at Omaha, Marketing concentration
• Omaha Area Board of Realtors
• National Association of Realtors
• Vice President/Board Member - Old Market Business Association | Dec 2015 – Present
• Board of Directors - Omaha Downtown Improvement District | Feb 2017 – Present

Old Market Business Association
The Old Market, in the heart of downtown Omaha's #1 prime historic walking and entertainment district, is home to many of the area's top restaurants, entertainment, nightlife destinations, Farmer’s Market, hospitality and residential property. The Old Market Business & Resident Association supports this thriving neighborhood with several projects, events, businesses and residents.

Omaha Downtown Improvement District
The mission of the association is to create a more inviting and attractive Downtown region for residents, businesses, property owners, visitors, and investors by developing projects that reflect the needs and desires of the District. Improvement activities consist of beautification and litter removal, economic development programs, safety and security enhancements, advocacy, and activation.

Marketing, research, and project management with ability to think beyond the norm.

Michael Brannan - Principal m. 402.680.8694 o. 402.915.3625 e.

Michael Brannan - Principal
m. 402.680.8694
o. 402.915.3625

Specializing in full service real estate development and analysis focusing on the studies, planning, evaluation and development of select real estate developments with a focus on amenitized, master planned and one off value add developments.

Developer of Omaha's premier condominium development- jLofts, on the Market., a 155,000 sq ft mixed use development located in Omaha, NE’s Old Market.

Mike via M/M has consulted a variety of banks, equity funds, insurance companies as well as accredited investors, governmental agencies and municipalities.

Other interests including music and intellectual property inform his investment strategies and have lead him far afield in pursuing deals of interest.

Other works completed-
Owner’s Representation for HIRO 88, a Pacific rIm fusion restaurant noted for its bold design and decor,and, of course, its "best in class" cuisine...

Developer at "The Ambassador" in Dundee, Omaha’s most significant historic apartment building. Twenty two stunning large format units in an incomparable Deco era building in one of the finest neighborhoods in the Country.

Currently underway-

The 661 Executive Suites in Dundee
The fabulous 661 Executive Suites are primely situated in the heart of Omaha's famed Dundee commercial district. The spacious and beautifully converted Deco era house offers tenants an envious combination of location and amenities. The suites share reception, a communal kitchen, outdoor work spaces and ample conference facilities. The primary renovation of the property is slated to be completed on March 1st delivery with all suites being delivered at that time. Please contact Brian Littler at Focal Realty, 402.490.5298 or, for more information or to schedule a showing!

The Kensington Tower renovation.