Seize the “upgrade” moment….

There comes a time where you look at a situation and think to yourself instinctually …. I think there’s an opportunity here.  First step, figure out what am I really looking at.  In other words, do your initial diligance because we all know not everything is what it seams on the surface.  In many cases the people closest to the situation are too close to see an opportunity, classic hip deep in the weeds scenario.  Case and point, a one location day care business didn’t initially see there IS a better way to position her brand, location and client experience (parent & kids).  So I approached her with the message YOU can do much better at a new location.  Then after some careful analysis and persistence, with timing on our side, I found & negotiated the perfect location that will not only allow for growth but as a bonus includes a newly referbished park to boot across the street.  Bingo Win-Win!  Most importantly the kids love it!